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I visit Saket mall quiet often- approximately 2 or 3 times a month. But I have to admit that the back side restaurants never really seemed to be an interesting spot to hang out for me. Lately I heard a few different opinions about Boulevard which was recently (re)opened so I decided to go and personally check it out.

Boulevard is located on the back side of Saket mall in a small lane between Desi Roots and Royal Enfield. I was searching for this place quite a few minutes because it it’s a bit hidden but at the end I found it and my culinary exploration could start.

The restaurant has a regular medium size. Inside you can find an amazing electric guitar on the wall with multiple gears on it which looks similar to the decorations in Hybrid at Tolstoy lane (CP). Another specific decoration is the mask hanging in front of the entrance door. It resembles to the one at the Project in Deer Park (HKV). So in general Boulevards interior design is a bit of a mix of these two places, wherefore it doesn’t actually has its own style in my opinion.

The outside area doesn’t have any decorations. Small palm trees are separating the restaurant from the street and it doesn’t look that inviting to sit there at the beginning but surprisingly it was very nice & easy to relax there. Maybe it’s because there are almost no people walking through this lane what makes it quite peaceful.

At the beginning we were welcomed by the nice waiter who unfortunately came out to not speak English. What’s more it came out in a minute was that there was no one able to communicate with us. That is sadly a big vice of this place.


Strawberry & Ginger Smoothie

Wasn’t sure about this one but decided to give a try for to get an idea about their smoothies. It was a great decision! Delicate taste of ginger increased the standard flavor of a regular strawberry smoothie. Additionally it is served in the small cute bottle.

 Boulevard Martini (vodka, watermelon, vanilla, basil & ginger)

Amazing! My personal number one under all cocktails I’ve tried at Boulevard and in the last few months. A very nice combination of different flavors. Its taste was definitely much better than I expected. It is served in a martini glass but don’t get fooled by the small quantity or the fact that you can’t taste that much alcohol – it is quiet strong :p

 LIIT with Kala Khatta

Just LIIT? Same same but different! 🙂 I could say it is regular LIIT but this dash of Kala Khatta syrup makes it taste different and so much nicer.

 My Passion

This cocktail became already one of my favorites since I’ve tried it for the first time at Lord Of The Drinks. I was happy to find it in Boulevard as well and it was as good as when I tried it the first time. Give it a try!

Peach Ice Tea

It was okay but if I didn’t know I wouldn’t guess that it’s a peach flavored ice tea. It tasted more like sweetened cold tea.

 Virgin Mary

Simple tomato based mocktail prepared with a great balance of spiciness.

Virgin Mojito

 Albondigas (soup)

A very smooth and delicate soup. For some it might be too milky but I like this type of soups so I enjoyed it a lot.

Crillo de Pollo (Soup)

A delicious tomato soup with little pine nut meat balls. The soup is quite delicate and the meat balls a bit spicy. Together a very nice combination.

 Chicken Murtabak (appetizer)

Amazing egg layers filled with chicken, curry and onions. We ordered it completely out of curiosity and it came out to be a great choice. It is served on a wooden board with a small salad and a spicy tomato sauce.

 Rabeh Lanham Kibbeh (appetizer)

A typical Lebanese dish. The lamb balls were a bit flavorless in my opinion but the true hero’s of this dish were the regular and basil hummus.

Crispy Flakey Mustard Fish Finger (appetizer)

A simple dish with big potential but it definitely needs to be improved. The fish cover was crispy but it was fried a bit too long which made the meat dry. Additionally the French fries served on the side were completely cold. The best elements of this dish were its sauces.

 Le Carni Mozzarella Stick

I had such an appetite for these mozzarella sticks and unfortunately for me they were a huge disappointment. Served with a nice spicy sauce and mild tartar sauce. They were fried perfectly but unfortunately they were so spicy that it was impossible for me to eat even one full stick.

 Basil and Mozzarella Pizza

Originally this pizza was supposed to be prepared with chilli flakes but we asked for a version without it. It was a nice pizza but it was just a regular margarita with a few basil leaves on top. I think I just expected something better.

 The B.L.V.D. Club Sandwich (non-veg)

Nice presented dish and it also tasted good. Except the fact that the filling was only in the half of the sandwich. So after you finish eating the first part you are left only with toasted bread in your hands.

 Solterito Spicy BBQ Lamb Burger

 Fusilli Toscana

The second dish which was absolutely too spicy. Even sharing it by 4 people we weren’t able to eat even half of it. That is why it is actually hard for me to say anything about it.

 Spinach Risotto

A very average dish. The rice was well cooked but it lacking in spinach taste or any other specific taste.

Rogan Josh (Indian delicacies)

A very delicious and savory Indian dish. The rich taste of its sauce was simply great. Served with a choice of Indian breads or rice, it delicately ticklish your tongue with its tangy spiciness.


It was a nice piece of Chocolate Cake. Yes, you read correctly, Chocolate Cake. It was a nice desert but it wasn’t a brownie for sure :p

So to sum up, if you are searching for a place to have a culinary feast I suggest choosing some other place. But if you would like to enjoy a great time with your friends accompanied by awesome drinks and decent food, Boulevard is the right place for you 🙂

 Have a nice Wednesday evening!


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