Kebab Gali at Malviya Nagar Corner Market

If you want to dine fancy you should probably head somewhere else. But if you live in South Delhi, are hungry, don’t want to spend a lot of money for a meal and would like to eat some tasty Mughlai food, Kebab Gali is a great option!

It is located in corner market of Malviya Nagar, close to Malviya Nagar main market. It is really easy to find though you may come across small problems to find a parking space. The restaurant is quite small so if you would like to come in a bigger group I suggest to make a reservation. Interior design of this place is a bit confusing. It looks like a mix of everything just to get some decorations. But  important fact is that it’s clean and peaceful so you can easily enjoy your meal. Additionally the service here is quite good and friendly.

Coming to the important part: Food. Kebab Gali is offering North Indian food, Mughlai food and biryanis. I’ve tried a bit of everything and expect from the fact that a few of them were too spicy, they were all delicious. You may get surprised what a great food you’ll get here on a budget.

Vegetarian starters:
Dahi ke Kebab
My favorite! Yes yes, first of all because it wasn’t spicy. But believe me, I heard many people saying it’s their favorite one. Delicate and crispy from the outside and super soft from the inside. It’s filling is made out of curd and veggies. Served with a mint sauce.

Mushroom Tikka
This starter, I have to admit, I didn’t like. It was so spicy that I couldn’t taste any other spices except chili.

Shikhampuri kebab

Seasoning was fine but I found these kebabs a bit dry. So in general they were good but I found all others much tastier.

Non-vegetarian starters:
Galouti Kebab with Warqui parantha
If I had to choose what I liked the most in this dish it would definitely be the paranthas. Galouti Kebabs could have been better seasoned in my opinion but eaten together with paranthas they tasted very good.


Chicken Chapli Kebab
These starter was soft and nicely seasoned but didn’t impress me much. It was also a bit hard to eat as the patties were falling apart what made it a bit tough to move them on our plates.

Dohra Kebab
As a meat lover I just have to give a big credit to the person who came up with this dish. Two types of meat rolled together and served with fresh mint leaves. What a perfect marriage 🙂

Chicken Garlic tikka
Delicious! First of all the meat was sooo tender – just  mouth-watering. Garlic flavor can sometimes become very overwhelming but the addition of roasted garlic in this dish was just perfectly balaced. One of the “must haves” at Kebab Gali if you’re a non- vegetarian.

Vegetarian Main Courses:
Dal Makhani
I’m not originally from India but I’ve tried many many dals and this one is definitely one of my favorites.

Paneer Makhani
Similarly to dal makhani it was very good and additionally had pieces of paneer inside.

Non-vegetarian Main Courses:
Chicken Korma and Rara Chicken
Both were tasty but not good enough to stay in memory for longer or to make me come back to Kebab Gali to order them again.

Mutton Nihari
This dish, even though was very spicy, I have to admit was really good. The gravy had an intense smell and flavor of spices slowly cooked with meat. I wouldn’t be able to eat it on my own due to its spiciness but if you’re not scared of your mouth burning down then give it a try!

Chicken Biriyani
One more very well executed dish. For me Biriyani is very often only rice with a small dash of spices which can be served in addition to a meal but not as a dish itself. Here it was aromatic and full of flavors. Pieces of chicken inside the biriyani were soft and juicy.

Shahi tukda
Mix of dry fruit, cake and nuts. It could have been a nice dessert but unfortunately it was way too sweet…

Gulab Jamun
I gave it a try but haven’t enjoyed it. Maybe it’s just my taste and the fact that I am not a fan of this dessert.

Thank you Kebab Gali for hosting us that day!

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