Everyone who goes out knows Sector 29 in Gurugram. It’s full of restaurants, bars and cafes and definitely one of the hottest spots in the city. But there is one amazing restaurant which is a little bit hidden as it’s located behind the Crown Plaza hotel. If you haven’t been there yet, you must make some place in your calendar and plan your visit. This wonderful place I am talking about is called Nagai.

 The contemporary Japanese restaurant is located on the ground floor and has a sake bar in the basement. The interior follows a clean and neat design style with elegant paintings of geishas glancing at you softly while you enjoy your meal. Downstairs in the bar you can find some more interesting paintings which you can buy as Nagai is also an art gallery. Nagai used to be open only for dinner but they started weekend brunches just recently and now you can visit them even during the day. A great decision for sure.

I will not wait for the summary to tell you what I think about this place. Amazing? Incredible? None of these words seems to be enough to express how much I enjoyed my culinary experience in this great environment. It is one of the best contemporary Japanese cuisine I have ever tried and definitely the best in Gurgaon.

I started my visit with a Sushi Platter. Its presentation was just stunning and so was the taste. If you think that sushi is boring, you definitely should try it at Nagai. You will never think of sushi the way you did before. The second starter on my list was Miso with Wakame.  It’s a delicate broth with seaweed but you can also choose to have it with tofu or spinach.

Sushi Platter

Miso with Wakame

My next choice was Tuna Tataki with Sesame Crust and Wasabi Honey Sauce. On the photograph you can already see that it was cooked to perfection. The Wasabi Honey Sauce was stunning and a great choice to accompany the tuna. Salmon Teriyaki Don, a bowl of steamed rice and a piece of salmon beautifully cooked in teriyaki sauce was the next dish I ordered. This dish was not only lovely presented but its taste was also matching the view. I only wish there was more of the delicious sauce because I love teriyaki and this one was definitely to die for. After the second main course I was already pretty full but I couldn’t resist trying the Pork Belly with Daikon in Cinnamon and Ginger Sauce. The seasoning was spot on and I was almost about to lick my plate ;).  The meat was super soft and juicy, so if you are a non-vegetarian this dish is a must try.

Tuna Tataki with Sesame Crust and Wasabi Honey Sauce

Salmon Teriyaki Don

Pork Belly with Daikon in Cinnamon and Ginger Sauce

For desert I ordered Apple and Cinnamon Millefeuille with Vanilla Ice Cream and Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Pure and Ginger Zest. The Millefeuille was good but after the outstanding dishes I had before I found it pretty ordinary. The Coconut Panna Cotta served on a fruity bed of mango puree was delicious and my personal little hero was the ginger zest which spiced up the whole dessert and gave it a unique twist.

Apple and Cinnamon Millefeuille with Vanilla Ice Cream

Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Pure and Ginger Zest

Our visit started and ended with amazing Japanese teas: Sencha, Genmaicha and Hojicha. These three are the most popular teas in Japan and have a gentle taste of a green tea and a wonderful aroma of roasted brown rice.

Don’t hesitate anymore and do visit Nagai. And let me know how you like it!

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