National Ice Cream Day with London Dairy

17th of July 2016 is National Ice Cream Day!

In 1984, Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday of July to be ‘National Ice Cream Day’. Today I decided to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with London Dairy and its two types of amazing ice cream: Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream. If you are tired of standard and boring flavours you should definitely try these ones. They are not only original but simply amazing and delicious!

I wasn’t the only one who had a pleasure to receive a delicious gift. This is Ice-Cream Month and ‪‎London Dairy Squad‬ is coming to work places in Mumbai‬ and Delhi‬ to take away the office blues and indulge people in the true ‪‎London Dairy‬ way. Check out their social media to find which offices they have already visited!


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Have a great and delicious Sunday!


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