Nevermind in Indiranagar

Indiranagar is filling up and every month there are new stores being opened, ranging from furniture, hair salons to restaurants (woohoo!). It gives you even a bigger choice to dine out on the map of Bangalore than ever before. And today I’d like to tell you about one of these spots which I recently discovered and was blown away by.

Nevermind is located on the 12th main and it might have caught up your attention if you have passed by. There’s a big lightning sign and lots of plants next to the entrance. It gives you a bit of a feeling of entering a jungle.

After climbing short stairs and crossing the main door you might get a bit confused if it’s a restaurant or a fashion showroom. It’s because the inside is covered by the curtains and the first glance you only see tailor’s dummies. There will be also kind hosts to take care of you and guide you to a table so no need of worrying of getting lost.

Walking inside reminded me of passing through a shopping mall, my head couldn’t stop looking around trying to catch everything. It is because of two reasons. First is the interior design. There is nothing you have never seen before but somehow you seem to be enjoying every detail you see in there. The design theme for Nevermind is Bali but I’d add a bit luxury Bali version. You’ll find a lots of plants as well as fancy decor details. Second reason to wonder around the place is it’s space. You don’t expect how actually big it is from the outside. Additionally I love how it has been arranged. There are many small and big corners with tables, sofas, chairs, which enables you to have your own space whether you come with friends or for a date, and at the same time you don’t feel like sitting alone in a different room.

I visited Nevermind on Tuesday evening and by 9pm this place was nearly full. So if you’d like to step by, remember to book your spot in advance. First thing I ordered was a cocktail as I heard many good recommendations about them. And that was a spot on. Except from basic drinks they have a big range of in-house created cocktails. As gin is recently a booze of my choice I tried two cocktails based on that liqueur: Smokin Violets and Rose & Cucumber.

As a starter we chose Thai Coconut Crub Prawn and Hed Phad Medmamuang. Prawns were well cooked but I was hoping it to taste more like a coconut and it just did like a regular breadcrumbs coating. But it definitely wasn’t bad and tasted good with the mayo served on the side. Second starter is a delicacy from Thailand. Stir fried mushrooms were a bit too spicy for me but I loved the crunch from the cashew nuts in between them. As a true bao lover I couldn’t leave without trying at least one and I picked the ones with the Korean Beef. Almost forgot to share it with others – I hope that explains well enough what have I thought of it. As a main we picked Creamy Salmon Crispy Skin with Udon Noodles. The portion is pretty big so I’m happy I had people to share it with otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat it all on my own after all the starters (keep it in mind, don’t waste food!). After that we ordered Banoffee Cheese Cake but short after were informed that it would take around 25 minutes so changed the order to Tiramisu. Dessert was the weakest part of the evening but overall we had a very nice evening.

I’ll definitely come back to Nevermind for their great cocktails and because I really liked that many things in this place is so well thought of (even the waiters’ aprons have a similar design to the one in the menu so check them out!). So… Problems at work? Nevermind. Stressful week? Nevermind. Just head to this amazing place, chill and just nevermind.

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