Sometimes to discover some amazing spot you just need to go for a walk and open your eyes! That is exactly how I found Nimtho in Greater Kailash (GK) 1 in block R.

I usually don’t eat a lot of spicy food but one day I had an appetite for a Nepalese cuisine and decided to give Nimtho a try. And from the beginning I can tell you that if you like heat on your plate, that is a place you should definitely visit.

First I tried the soup called Sisnu Ko Raas. It is an autumn-winter exclusive soup made from the stinging nettle’s flowers, stalks and shoots stewed in pounded rice. It will heat you up especially when colder days are gonna come. Second came Khuri. A buckwheat flour rolled with seasonal veggies and grilled. It tastes really good and is a healthier version of a street roll. Next dish was the most delicious meat I have had since a long time: Pork Ribs. They were toasted in rich hot and spicy sauce and meat was so soft that it was very easy to separate it from the bones.

Sisnu Ko Raas


Pork Ribs

For the first time I tried Buckwheat Momos with vegetables, chicken and the ones with beef. All of them had a soft dough, juicy filling and were served with a choice of two dips. I couldn’t leave without trying at least one thali so I picked Sikkimese Thali. A delicious feast with a choice of a few different gravies, choice of meat and vegetables, rice, home-made pickles and papad.

Buckwheat Momos

Sikkimese Thali

At the end we were so full that we wanted to leave but waiter insisted that we try at least one dessert. And I’m glad we did because Sikarni was amazing. It is a Nepali style yoghurt dessert flavored with cinnamon. It’s light and is a perfect choice to finish a big meal.


Give Nimtho whenever you will be nearby or if you have an appetite for a high quality Nepalese meal.


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