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I moved to South Delhi 2 years ago and I have to admit that West Delhi was always too far away and additionally I thought that there are no interesting places to go to. So within these 2 years I went to Rajouri Garden only three times. And two of these three times within the last week! Both times because of a foodies meetings to which I got invited to. I am very happy because I found out that there are many interesting places for me to explore! 🙂

I landed in Qubitos thanks to the invitation from two amazing girls – Preetika Gupta (Happiness is always homemade) and Pragya Abrol (My Apron Diaries). They organized a Saturday lunch and invited a few foodies to explore this place, enjoy the food and have some fun. Thanks a lot girls!

Qubitos is just next to the main road and near the metro so it is quite easy to find. The restaurant is situated on the 4th floor and includes an inside and an outside area. The interior design is kept simple and modern. What I really liked were the posters with funny quotes as: “Hangover. Just God’s way of saying you kicked last night.” One thing I didn’t like was the volume of the music. It was so loud that I could barely hear the person standing next to me. I would probably understand it or maybe even enjoy it if it was night and a party but in my opinion for an afternoon lunch it was just too much.

Something very valuable about this place is its staff. Surprisingly it doesn’t happen that often to find really nice and friendly waiters who will make you feel comfortable and guide you with their advise if you would need a bit of help. At first they served a variety of mocktails which we enjoyed while roaming around and talking with other foodies. Later they kept constantly checking up on us if we enjoy the food or need anything else.

  Yoghurt and Mint Shooters

A nice way to start every feast. Served in test tube like a shot glasses clogged with a wooden cork and placed on in gold holder. Its presentation was very original and for sure exceptional as I haven’t seen it anywhere else before. The taste was maybe not mind blowing but the mix of yoghurt, milk and mint was tasty, light and very refreshing.

Smoked Chicken and Corn Chowder

At the beginning I thought that this is going to be just one more corn soup. But this one was a nice surprise. Because of the corn it was slightly sweet in taste, but at the same time pieces of chicken ham were adding a great smoky flavor to it. A light spiciness and the creamy texture made it super tasty.

Vegetable Tilla Kebab (vegetarian starter)

A nice veggie snack served with two different dips. The Kebabs were soft and well seasoned but it was nothing outstanding.

Crunchy Cheesy Broccoli (vegetarian starter)

The second best starter of that afternoon. Beautifully fried cheese bombs with broccoli buds inside. Thanks to the gently seasoning we could fully enjoy the taste of melted cheese and fresh broccoli. It was served with a spicy dip which helped to add a nice level of spiciness to it.

Chinese Button Mushroom (vegetarian starter)

I’m not sure how to review this dish because I’ve tried these mushrooms from 2 different plates and the taste was quite different. One was sweet and spicy which I liked but the second was definitely too spicy for me. And not only for my palate. Even fans of spicy food admitted that this was just too much of chili for them to enjoy this dish.

Butter Chicken Spring Roll (non-vegetarian starter)

As butter chicken is one of my favorite dishes and I also like all kind of spring rolls this was the appetizer I couldn’t wait to try. The roll was beautifully golden fried and crispy. The tomato sauce was a hit but unfortunately the chicken was a bit dry. This starter is very good but because of my huge expectations I was a bit disappointed.

Chicken Shish Tawook (non-vegetarian starter)

For me this was the best starter of all that I’ve tried. The seasoning was well balanced and the chicken was simply amazing – so soft that it was literally melting in my mouth.

Fish Lemon Coriander (non-vegetarian starter)

This is a great option for non-spicy food lovers. Very gentle, without chili and only basic seasoning. The fish was juicy and covered with a delicious delicate sour sauce. Even though I am not a huge fan of coriander a small dash of it in this dish made me enjoy the fish even more.

Meatball Pizza

An interesting version of pizza. There are many different varieties of non veg pizzas but I haven’t yet tried any with meat in that form. Meatballs were quiet small so it was easy to hold a piece of pizza in my hand and without the meatballs falling down. It was gently seasoned, very tasty and I recommend you to give it a try, especially if you have an appetite for pizza.

Mushroom Ra-Ra Pizza

This pizza was a standard margarita topped with mushrooms cooked before in a sauce. I don’t know how to describe its taste as I couldn’t find out what were its ingredients. Unfortunately it was not as tasty as the meatball pizza and I would go with another one if I had a choice.

Thai Green Curry

This curry was served with steamed rice. An intensive taste of coconut milk reminded me of my delicious journey to Kerala. Inside the curry you could find crispy baby corn, broccoli and sweet cherry tomatoes. That the veggies were still fresh and crispy was a big surprise as curries are mostly served with overcooked vegetables. I personally would reduce the amount of chili a little bit but this doesn’t change the fact that it was a very delicious dish.

Burmese Curry Chicken

It’s presentation was the same like the Thai Green Curry and after I enjoying that one so much I didn’t expect to get anything better. But I was wrong! If you are a vegetarian then I’ll recommend you Thai Green Curry. Otherwise you must order the Burmese Curry Chicken. Meat was juicy and sauce so savory and delicious that I am still recalling its taste in mouth every day. That is the best main course and the best dish of all so I recommend it as a “Must Try” as soon as you visit this place.

Asparagus and Wild Mushroom Risotto

Risotto and asparagus is definitely a great combination. The rice was al dente and the asparagus was perfectly cooked and still crispy. But even though I am a big fan of parmesan cheese I have to admit that it was just too much of it and it kind of destroyed this dish.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

It was a nice piece of cheese cake but it definitely did not amaze me. Crunchy cookie base and blueberry topping were really nice but the cheese cake itself was too jelly for me (too much of agar).

If you want to know more about the two girls who organized the meeting check out their blogs:

Preetika Gupta (Happiness is always homemade)

Pragya Abrol (My Apron Diaries)

Have a nice evening! 🙂


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