The Common Room at Rajouri Garden

Does a meeting in The Common Room have to be common? Not at all! I had a chance to find it out and explore this restaurant on the foodies meet up organised by Delhi _ foodie . Additionally it was a great reason to celebrate because these guys just hit 20k followers on Instagram. Congrats one more time guys!


The Common room is a quite small restaurant. There’s around 20 tables inside and a small balcony. The idea behind this place is to create a place to spend time with friends and chill like in common rooms in dormitories. It’s colorful and cosy so you’ll feel here comfortable for sure. Usually everywhere I’m going I find staff working in the restaurant nice and polite. But here it was much better than average. Especially managers here were all the time keeping an eye on all guest and if everyone have food, drinks and are happy with what they are getting. Good job!

First I ordered Virgin Pina Colada which was really good with a good balance of pineapple juice and coconut milk. Then I asked for a fruity cocktail. I received a delicate drink based on fresh orange juice with vodka. Reaaaally good. Wherever I go I usually try Virgin Mary as I’m a tomato juice fan. Here as I was told they had a guava juice Virgin Mary. I decided to give it a try. And what can I say about it? I have to strongly recommend you all to NOT order it under any circumstances. It was super spicy, full of masala and had basically nothing in common with Virgin Mary except from tabasco.

My first bite went for the pizza. I liked its thin crust. Also the balance of flavours was really good. Veggies were covered by the layer of cheese and accompanied by a spicy chicken. Tandoori momos were my favourite dish. Combining momos and tandoori was very original and it worked as the dish was very tasty. Cigar rolls which we were served were in fact vegetarian spring rolls. Well fried, crispy and with a nice filling. Though they were quite spicy which could be fine if dish was accompanied by a delicate sauce to balance the flavours. In fact it was served with a chilli sauce so too much of spiciness on one plate. Good choice will be also fish fingers which are well fried and crispy. Don’t forget to dip them in the sauce! Unfortunately I didn’t find mushrooms caps that good. The dish idea is nice but the balance of flavors got lost during the execution. As mains we were served noodles which were well cooked and tasty. But the green curry was the thing I enjoyed the most and have to admit was a thing I ate the most that afternoon. I also like the biryani which arrived at the table as a last dish, though I think I’ve had better ones.

Thank you The Common Room Team and Delhi_Foodie for the invitation and a nice afternoon 🙂

 Have a nice evening!


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