Warehouse Cafe at Connaught Place

How often do you go to Connaught Place (CP)? Work, meetings or just for shopping? Crowds of people, pollution and lots of nocie. Doesn’t matter if you go there everyday or once a week, you know how exhausting CP can be. And here comes an amazing place which is an asylum from all of these:

Warehouse Cafe

As soon as the elevator door closes, you already feel relieved. Once you enter the restaurant it’s getting only better :). The interior design is very simple and looks a bit like a basement. In this case it is an advantage because it “protects” you from the chaos outside and takes you to a chill out zone. The ambience is created by a minimalistic number of decorations and focus on the comfortable & friendly atmosphere. The centre of the Warehouse Café is a huge projector to display matches so that everybody can watch and enjoy it. Additionally there is a roof top with an amazing view for the Connaught circle and its huge Indian flag, and a separate room for private parties with space for up to 30 people.

On a hot day you should try the Basil Cucumber Lemonade or the Kaffir Saffron Moctail which are cooling and refreshing. If you wanna chill in the evening and have some cocktails definitely try the Watermelon Mohito which is a very nice and interesting variation of the classic mohito.


In the Menu you can find 365 dishes!! How comes? There are 12 pages in the menu, like 12 months in the year and every dish is assigned to 1 day of the year. One more cool surprise: There’s a differnet dish of the day for every day you come to the Warehouse Cafe. This one is being prepared with special care and you’ll get 50% discount on it!!

As it is such a huge choice of dishes it actually wasn’t that easy to decide which one we should try and it was a little bit confusing. On the other hand this calendar menu idea is very original and thanks to it everyone can find something to pick. Obviously we ordered the dish of the day which was “Mushroom and spinach Dim Sum”. Thin dough, folded like a perfect braid was first a pleasure for our eyes and secondly for our palate.

Our other great choice came up to be the “Pink Pasta with Vodka Sauce” – taste of fresh tomatoes with a bit of spiciness served with perfectly cooked penne. If you prefer something not spicy you should go for the “Mushroom Leek Pie”. Its delicate taste of fresh vegetables with creamy sauce will satisfy you for sure. You also won’t be disappointed by the “Steamed Fish Banana Leaf” which was a melt-in-the-mouth feast.

Leafy Orange Chicken Salad

 Crispy Chicken BBQ Sauce

Steamed Fish Banana Leaf

Prawn Capers Bruschetta

Mushroom & Spinach Dim Sum

Pink Penne with Vodka Sauce

Warehouse SPL Pizza (non veg)

Lamb Feta Burger

Mushroom Leek Pie


A big thanks to the whole Warehouse Cafe Team for hosting us and our friends that day! You definitely made our day nice and delicious! 🙂


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